Welcome to Performance Sound & Light

Performance Sound & Light (PS&L) is a 20 year old supplier of turnkey audio, lighting, video, and CCTV solutions for Civilian, U.S. Government and military entities worldwide. Our projects have ranged from simple sale of equipment, to engineering and implementation services, to complete turnkey solutions.

Sound & Audio

PS&L is a one stop shop for any of your sound needs

Mobile or fixed applications, big room power or single microphone venues, public-address only or full musical complement, we have designed it and furnished all. Our product line includes Microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, Processing gear, racks, cases, stands and much more……

Lighting and Effects

The design and implementation of a lighting system can make or break the success of an event or function. PS&L is an expert in designing and servicing lighting environments for all facilities.

Video and Projection

Sound without video is something from the past. The visual impact of today’s LCD’s, Plasmas and projectors can elevate a communication to the 10th power. Our products include projectors, podiums, projection screens, DVD players and recorders, racks and screens just to name a few.

Security and CCTV

One of the most dramatic A/V applications in our post 9/11 world is for security and closed circuit TV solutions. As prices have come down significantly, it is now affordable to monitor and control the inside and outside of facilities. PS&L carries a complete line of cameras, DVR’s, network appliances and accessories for the most demanding surveillance solutions.